Youth Olympic Games Format


The Format for the Youth Olympic Games - Kite Slalom / Boardercross

  • The event consist of multiple Elimination Series, Half Fleet or Full Fleet races
  • Each Elimination Series / Half Fleet Race counts as one race
  • Race Results are added together as per RRS Appendix A (low point system)
  • Ideal heat size is 6 riders. 4 is possible (but heats might be not full), 8 is OK, more is difficult
  • The more riders in a heat, the later the jumps should be on the course (i.e. not on leg 2)
  • Riders must choose one age category (can’t compete in multiple categories)
  • Initial seeding shall be based on the world ranking, or other ranking available
  • If no ranking exists, one long full fleet race shall be run and the seeding shall be based on the results.
  • Subsequent seeding shall be based on previous elimination results
  • Minimum wind between 8-10 knots (suitable conditions depending on wind density and current)
  • Obstacles shall be used from approximately 12 knots of wind and upwards

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Last Event

European Championships

Gizzeria 2017


 Event Winners Open

male Martin Dolenc Croatia
female Kirstyn O'Brien United States

 Event Winners Youth

male Victor Bachichet France
female Nina Font Castells Spain

Current World Ranking Standings

 1 Atte Kappel Sweden 150.7 pts
 2 Martin Dolenc Croatia 100.0 pts
 3 Oliver Bridge United Kindom 93.3 pts
 1 Kirstyn O'Brien United States 100.0 pts
 2 Jingle Chen China 80.0 pts
 3 Aya Oshima Japan 71.1 pts
 1 Victor Bachichet France 100.0 pts
 2 Cameron Maramenides United States 98.5 pts
 3 Toni Vodisek Slovenia 97.1 pts
 1 Jingle Chen China 165.7 pts
 2 Nina Font Castells Spain 100.0 pts
 3 Daniela Moroz United States 96.4 pts


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Open World Championships

Pingtan 2017


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