How to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games

The 2018 Youth Olympic Games will be held in Buenos Aires between October 6 and October 18, 2018.

The Youth Olympic Games are open to riders born between 2000 and 2003.

There are 12 entries for boys, and 12 entries for girls.

Qualification System

Every rider has two opportunities to qualify his country to the Youth Olympic Games: the Continental Championships beginnng of 2018 and the World Championships in early summer 2018.

All riders must comply with the provisions of the Olympic Charter currently in force, including but not limited to, Rule 41 (Nationality of Competitors). Only those riders who have complied with the Olympic Charter may participate in the Youth Olympic Games.

From the 12 places for each gender, riders can qualify as follows:

  Boys Girls
Africa 1 1
Asia 1 1
Central & South America 1 1
Europe 1 1
North America & Caribbean 1 1
Oceania 1 1
Host Country (Argentina) 1 1
Tri-partite place awarded by the IOC 1 1
World Championships 4 4

Should a Continental Qualification Event be held prior to the World Championship and should an NOC (National Olympic Committee) obtain a quota place in both, the allocation of the World Championships will take precedent and the quota place from the Continental Qualification Event will be allocated to the next best ranked rider not yet qualified.

Riders applying (through their National Olympic Committee) for a tri-partite place must also compete in either its respective Continental Qualification Event or in the World Championships Qualification Events.

Tentative Qualification Events

Central & South America Cayman Islands January TBC
North America & Caribbean Cayman Islands January TBC
Africa Dakhla, Marocco February TBC
Europe Dakhla, Marocco February TBC
Asia Pranburi, Thailand March TBC
Oceania Pranburi, Thailand March TBC
World Championships     TBC

Please refer to the official qualification document at the World Sailing website for any updates and applicable changes:

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Last Event

Asian Championships

Pranburi 2017


 Event Winners Open

  Name NAT
male Narapichit "Yo" Pudla Thailand
female Jingle Chen China

 Event Winners Youth

  Name NAT
male Christian Tio Philippines
female Jingle Chen China

Current World Ranking Standings

 1 Narapichit Pudla Thailand 100.0 pts
 2 Atte Kappel Sweden 96.7 pts
 3 Christian Tio Philippines 93.3 pts
 1 Jingle Chen China 100.0 pts
 2 Aya Oshima Japan 88.9 pts
 3 Kathrin Borgwardt Germany 77.8 pts
 1 Christian Tio Philippines 100.0 pts
 2 Sarun Rupchom Thailand 90.9 pts
 3 Sirawit Prangsri Thailand 81.8 pts
 1 Jingle Chen China 100.0 pts
 2 Nichanan Rodthong Thailand 50.0 pts


Next Event

European Championships

Gizzeria 2017


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