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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 16:41

Universality Places for Kiteboarding's Youth Olympic Events Re-Assigned to the World Championships

World Sailing, the world governing body for the sport of sailing including windsurfing and kiteboarding, has published a list of qualified countries including two universality places for Youth Men Windsurfing. These two places were granted to Oman and Myanmar.

No other universality places have been claimed in compliance with the IOC qualification scheme which required applications to be made before March 31st, 2017, neither for Windsurfing nor for Kiteboarding.

The qualification system describes that unused universality places default to the World qualification events, and that the next country not yet qualified is awarded the place.

In the boys fleet, the next country in the line is USA as 5th ranked country at the World Championships.

In the girls fleet, the 5th ranked country at the Worlds is Germany. As Italy qualified at the World Championships, and won the Continental qualification, the place is awarded to the next ranked country from the continental qualification not yet qualified. As both Spain, France and Germany qualified directly, the next ranked country is Poland.

More changes in qualification places are still possible as some countries may decline their previously awarded places due to a competitor country quota. 

Countries shall now confirm the acceptance of their qualification place to World Sailing until July 7, 2018. A registration of athletes by name must be completed by 31 August, 2018.

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Youth Olympic Games qualifying nations, boys
Dominican Republic (Worlds)
China (Worlds)
Croatia (Worlds)
France (Worlds)
USA (Worlds, default)
Antigua & Barbuda (Continentals)
Brasil (Continentals)
Marocco (Continentals)
Slovenia (Continentals)
Philippines (Continentals)
Australia (Continentals)
Argentina (Host Country)

Youth Olympic Games qualifying nations, girls
Spain (Worlds)
Italy (Worlds)
China (Worlds)
France (Worlds)
Germany (Worlds, default)
Dominican Republic (Continentals)
Venezuela (Continentals)
South Africa (Continentals)
Poland (next ranked country in the Continentals not yet qualified)
Thailand (next ranked country in the Continentals not yet qualified)
New Zealand
Argentina (Host Country)

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